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I’d like to first start off this review with thanking the Kadama team, school has been getting a lot tougher on everyone whether that could be due to lack of effort or just not understanding but Kadama solves those problems. Kadama really understands what it’s like to be a student, they offer basically every course you could need help in and that’s not even mentioning the rewards you get. Kadama is one of the best apps I’ve seen for tutoring / studying not just because of how great the provided material is but they actually add in an extra treat, you can earn rewards through the app.


This app is great. Finding tutors is quick and easy and best of all, they actually help you out well. The way this is promoted on tiktok/Instagram is really clever and honestly makes it even more fun. The tutors talk in a fun way as well making learning not boring but really interesting and fun. It feels like you have a tutor that genuinely wants to help you instead of a tutor teaching you for the money which is nice. Anyways, 10/10 tutoring app, it’s one of the best tutoring apps out there! I would recommend to a friend.


Firstly I should start off by saying this app is really innovative in what it aims to accomplish. Setting up tutors to help students and letting students be tutors is a great app. Especially during this pandemic many students may suffer from learning disabilities and the tutors here might be able to help with that. The tutors have provided insightful feedback especially in regards to the SAT section.Second, the idea set that a student can help be a tutor is a very good idea as students who have a higher understanding of a subject can help another student who doesn’t.


I’ve been tutoring on this app for some time now and the extra income has definitely helped these past few months. Payments are delivered daily and there’s no shortage of students - you earn as much as you’re willing to stay on the app.Lastly, the support staff has been nothing short of exceptional in my experience. They are responsive, friendly, and super helpful and have personally helped me on a number of occasions. Would highly recommend anyone interested in online tutoring to consider tutoring on Kadama.


An app to get instant help on homework & essays. Kadama helps students work through their homework or problems 24/7. It is easy to use and makes learning fun and educational. They turn learning into rewards which is a great incentive and motivation for children and students. This also helps parents if they cannot afford tutoring for their children.


I love this app and I just started today. I am on there as a tutor and I’ve helped about 3-4 kids today with some assistance on assignments. This is a great app to use if you are a broke college student and don’t mind helping kids or young adults to get money. As a student I love this app also people are very helpful. On video call and just messaging. It’s very convenient that is on your phone bc kids and young adults are always on there phones so it’s not like I’m waiting forever to get a tutor.


I would first like to say that this app definitely overcomes the problems many students struggle with, especially now with the pandemic going on. It’s a great way to help students that have trouble understanding certain topics taught in school. I know from experience that learning from online isn’t easy and not the best way to completely understand lessons. Everyone learns differently so this app is great for those at home who are struggling with school!


Kadama is an absolutely amazing app !! I use it as both a student and a tutor. The platform
Is very fluid and it’s easy for me to communicate with my students and vice versa. Also While using the app I've had just about zero problems and any I have had Kadama has sorted them out in a timely manner . This app is absolutely amazing for both tutors and students , I’d 10/10 recommend that you give it a try !


After covid started I was extremely worried my GPA would suffer due to the lack of in person instruction. I stumbled upon this app on tiktok and have been extremely satisfied ever sense. The tutors are extremely well versed in every subject, the customer service is amazing, and the app generally feels very smooth and well designed. Strongly recommend!!


I think the app has a very clean and simple design that allows for efficient communication between tutors and students. It has a very good reputation line for tutors that have been on the app by giving them badges and sufficient rewards for their contribution. The pool of students who need help allows anyone who is willing to put in the time to have continuous opportunities.


I've only had this app for less than a week and I have already completed 3 tutoring tasks to help students! This app made me realize that I enjoy teaching others! Highly recommend to anyone looking for a place to tutor and any student looking for help!


As a user seeing both sides of the platform as a tutor and a student, this app is literally so helpful. Not only can I engage my brain from tutoring and learning I can get paid for it! The great thing about Kadama is that it’s literally so easy to use and you set everything up yourself!

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