Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Kadama get service providers from?

Any user who has experience providing any of the services offered by Kadama is invited to join the app and become a provider!

Is Kadama on Android?

Kadama is definitely coming to Android. It is currently in development and soon to be launched!

Background Checks

Service providers who take a background check and are approved get a badge on their profile. This gives service requesters an increased sense of trust in doing business with you, increasing your success. If you choose to get verified, you will receive an email from Checkr®, an accredited third-party background check provider.

The background check will
• Verify your identity
• Check for any criminal history

How to get verified
After requesting a background check from the Kadama app, follow the steps Checkr® provides to complete your application (should take a few minutes). Generally, you will receive your results from Checkr® within 7-14 business days. Once we receive the results, if there are no convictions a badge will appear on your profile. If your results show convictions, you will not be eligible to receive a badge and we will follow up with you by email.

Tips for Staying Safe

As a Service Requester
• Always consider past ratings/reviews, background check verification, and profiles when selecting a service provider
• Do not communicate with service provider outside of the in-app messenger
• For in home services, consider meeting the service provider in a public area before allowing them to enter your home

NOTE: Just because someone has good reviews or has undergone a background does not guarantee your safety. Always take the necessary precautions and don’t hesitate to contact the police if you find yourself in an emergency or feel threatened.

How to Conduct a Successful Transaction

When Requesting a Service
• Include a detailed and accurate description and subject

When communicating through the in-app messenger
• Always be courteous to the other party
• Ask any critical questions before meeting in person
• Negotiate price
• Confirm time and location

Meeting in person
• Always take precautions when meeting someone in person (refer to “Tips for Staying Safe”)

• Service requesters should always make payment after the service has been performed
• All transactions are final and Kadama does not provide refunds

Completing the transaction
• Once you (the service requester) clicks pay and chooses the payment type (indicating that the transaction is complete), you should ask the service provider to mark the transaction as complete so you can rate each other

Requesting and Messaging Rules

When requesting a service or communicating through the in-app messenger, you are NOT allowed to
1. Use lewd and obscene language
2. Send lewd and obscene photos
3. Post or link any websites
4. Market/solicit
5. Request services that do not match the chosen category
6. Request services that are deemed illegal by state and/or federal law
7. Provide personal contact information

Prohibited Services
For more information on what services aren’t permissible, please refer to our “prohibited services” page

NOTE: Using the in-app messenger to circumvent any of the platform rules is strictly forbidden

Community Guidelines

Kadama is committed to fostering a diverse and respectful community. Following these tips will help ensure an enjoyable experience when using the Kadama platform.
• Always be courteous and respectful to the other party
• Be quick to inform the other party of any scheduling changes or if running late
• Resolve any issues with the other party through calm and respective dialogue

Refrain from the following
• Use of any profanity or hate speech
• Threats of violence or actual violence against the other party
• Harassment against the other party including harsh complaints about the quality of the service provided or the nature of the requested service
• Any form of sexual harassment which includes commenting on the other users looks
• Pressuring the other party to conduct the transaction
• Sending spam or unsolicited offers
• Impersonating another user or Kadama employee

In order to protect the Kadama community, the Kadama team depends on users. If you run into anything that you believe violates the community guidelines or any other rules, please report the user immediately. (Refer to “Blocking and reporting users” for more information”)

How to Protect Your Account

To keep your account and information safe, we recommend you follow these tips
• Keep your login credentials private
• Check your account for any posts or changes made that you didn’t do
• Never share your personal contact information within the platform
• Always communicate through the in-app messenger
• If you are suspicious that an email or message is legitimately from the Kadama team, do NOT respond and contact the Kadama support team directly

If you believe that your account has been compromised, please reach out to the Kadama support team.

For more information, please contact us at: