Our Story

During the summer of 2016, Amin Shaykho and Marwan El-Rukby were both working their summer internships. One day they ran into each other, and after a long discussion realized that they were both passionate about entrepreneurship with an aspiration for becoming leaders of a company that changes the world. A couple days after their first meetup, they met again at a local gyro place in Bellevue, WA. They sat for hours discussing ideas, yet with no avail. However, Amin happened to recall a discussion he had with his brother, Dani, on having a fast, easy, and affordable way to request someone to clean his kitchen. Quickly, Amin and Marwan began building on that idea, and soon enough completed their first prototype of a local platform that allows users to request and perform a variety of services. They realized the potential this app has to help the community. It makes requesting services easier for consumers, opens a new market for service providers to get customers, and allows young people who are not able to work a conventional job earn money. At this very moment, Kadama was formed.

Our Mission

Adding efficiency and convenience to people's lives so that they can focus on what matters the most.

Grown from the outskirts of Seattle, Washington, Kadama was designed to seamlessly integrate in people’s lives. From ease of use to customer satisfaction, every part of our app and ultimately our company is focused on the users. At Kadama, we are more than just the business of services, we are the business of people.

Our Values

Kadama is built on services. Our core values encompass the acronym “service.” Servitude—towards a greater cause than yourself. Expression—to create and show what you truly stand for. Rationality—practicality while still balancing hopes and dreams. Virtue—being true to standards that you set for yourself. Integrity—being honest and straightforward. Compassionate—caring about your environment and the people around you. Entrusting—being confident in your skills and those of your peers.


CEO of Kadama Amin Shaykho

Amin Shaykho

Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science, University of Washington Seattle

COO of Kadama Marwan El-Rukby

Marwan El-Rukby

Foster School of Business, University of Washington Seattle

COO of Kadama Marwan El-Rukby

Dani Shaykho

VP of Marketing

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Board of Advisors

Ali Habaj Investor for Kadama

Ali Habaj

As the CEO of Oman Flour Mills, Ali Habaj grew the company from 220 to 1,500 employees and achieved a revenue growth of $220 million in 2016. Mr. Habaj is also involved in many other business activities. He is the Vice Chairman of Oman Porcelain Company SAOC (OPC), the Secretary General of International Association of Operative Millers ME and Africa district (IAOM), and a member at the Young President Organization (YPO).

Fady El-Rukby Advisor for Kadama

Fady El-Rukby

As Vice President of Solutions and Head of Engineering at Ossia Inc., Fady El-Rukby led his team to create COTA, a device that delivers wireless power which won the CES innovation award in 2016. Additionally, Mr. El-Rukby also served as Vice President of Engineering at Seattle Avionics, Director at Microsoft, and Sr. Software Engineering Manager at GE Healthcare.

Our Locations

Seattle, WA • Bellevue, WA • Kirkland, WA • Redmond, WA • Sammamish, WA • Issaquah, WA • Newcastle, WA • Mercer Island, WA • Kenmore, WA • Bothell, WA • Woodinville, WA • Lynnwood, WA • Everett, WA • Renton, WA • Kent, WA • Snohomish, WA • Federal Way, WA • Fall City, WA