Four Ways to Organize Your Life

Checklist and laptop on table
Organization folders

In order to organize your life, you will need to have a vision of how you want your life to be and set specific goals and take the steps necessary to achieve that vision. Decluttering your life is a good start. Even if you don’t have a clear vision of how you want your life to be, it’s better to have empty space around you that can be filled rather than having cluttered space that distracts and overwhelms you. So, to put it as a simple mantra,”Empty space is more valuable than cluttered space”.

Envision Your Ideal Life

In order to envision your life, you should sit in a quiet space and think about what you want your life to be. Examples of aspects you would want to improve in your life could be about friends/family, fun, personal development, marriage/relationship, spiritually, finances, career, giving, health, and physical environment. As you get older, these are things you want to make sure you have a handle on as they are essential for being a responsible adult and having a purposeful life. Something that has helped many including myself is creating a dream board which identifies your life goals and helps motivate you to work hard in order to make your dream life into reality.

Establish a Morning Routine

This may seem too simplistic and wouldn’t actually benefit your life but I promise you that the most successful people have said that they wake up early in the morning between the hours of 4am-8am. They start their day by drinking water, hitting the gym, showering, meditating, eating breakfast, and then start doing work. Establishing daily morning rituals can significantly help improve your day because if you are able to do all the above, you can definitely continue your day with a positive “I can” attitude. No matter what helpful tips or advice you get or things you try to do, nothing matters unless you have the correct mindset. Forming a positive mindset is crucial when trying to change your lifestyle. So every morning, you should say to yourself, “I can get to work”, “ I will eat healthy”, or “I will accomplish today strong”. Encouraging yourself is a much more peaceful way to go about your life then hating yourself when trying to get in the swing of setting habits. Remember that it takes time and patience to establish a routine but as long as you keep at it, you will succeed!

Develop Successful Habits

As your teen grows, they end up taking on more responsibility. Allow them to take on more freedom, then scale back a little according to your teen or add more. Not only is this a great way to add responsibility, but it also showcases trust between you and your teen which is critical to developing a healthy relationship. This will also help them open up to you about their feelings or problems that they are having since they see that you trust them and vice versa.

Make Full Use of Technology

There’s been a lot said about how modern technology extends the work day, making it so that we’re always on the clock. While that may be true, technology can also make us more productive. Whether it’s setting up an email filter to keep your inbox spam-free, or using an app like evernote or google calendar, technology isn’t always bad. When used properly, it can save a lot of time. I recommended learning the skill of using Microsoft Excel and color coding the spreadsheet to help organize your life. Not only is it extremely beneficial, but it serves as a way to organize the main tasks that need to be done rather than having it jumbled up in your brain.