Three secrets to succeed in online classes

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Although classes have been canceled since late February, there is a significant chance that they will continue to be closed for the rest of 2020. Even if there is no government mandate to keep schools closed, schools are shifting their educational system from in-person to online. Moreover, many schools are giving parents the option of whether to send their children to school or not. Here are 4 of the most effective strategies to ace online learning.

Engage With Classmates

At school, it's much easier to interact and develop bonds with other students since the classroom is only one part of the larger school environment. Social interaction is very important for a student because it significantly increases their learning and engagement during lectures. This is why it’s important to converse with students in your online class even if your teacher doesn’t require participation. Try engaging with your classmates as best as possible through online forums and group discussions. You can discuss with them what tips and strategies they have for online learning, help with homework, and anything else you would normally talk about at school!

Communicate With Your Teacher/Professor

Since you now don’t have the opportunity to meet with your teacher in office hours face to face or talk to them after class, you should make it a priority to open up a line of communication with them. Remember your teachers want to see you succeed, so there's no need to shy away. 46 studies found that strong teacher-student relationships were associated in both the short- and long-term with improvements on practically every measure schools care about: higher student academic engagement, grades, etc. Many educators have made themselves easily accessible to accommodate online learning so don’t hesitate to reach out!

Do Not Forget Your Health

Eating well and staying active is essential and has a positive correlation with improved academic performance. Being stuck at home unable to participate in sports has made many students much lazier. Even the action of walking between periods was a healthy act, so it is your responsibility to compensate for that. Social isolation and distancing have proven to have a severe impact on mental health and working out have shown to counter some of those effects while allowing you to better focus in class. Five benefits of exercise include making you happier, increasing energy levels, reducing the risk of disease, improving memory, and aiding in relaxation and sleep. It is scientifically proven that exercise uplifts your mood and reduces feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression. Exercise increases your brain's sensitivity for the neurotransmitter’s norepinephrine and serotonin, which are directly related to reducing depression. It’s time to conquer your laziness, get up, and start moving! You can walk outside, jump rope, or do some yoga.