The Road Map to Cultivating Well Adjusted Adults Early On

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I will dive into 4 key methods you as a parent need to know to make your teens transition into adulthood as smooth as can be.

Be the Role Model

We can tell our kids how to actively do this or that but at the end of the day, nothing will have a bigger impact than your actions which is critical when guiding your teens to adapt good manners as well as ethical standards. If they have a good role model early on, you will help lessen the poor actions made in their rebellious teen years.

Keep it Short and Sweet

We all have had the habit of telling our teens "don't come home too late". Although it may have worked a couple of times, we need to set a clear curfew instead. Make consequences immediate and make sure to link that to your kid's bad decisions. You must be firm while still allowing them to develop into their own person.

Be Flexible

As your teen grows, they end up taking on more responsibility. Allow them to take on more freedom, then scale back a little according to your teen or add more. Not only is this a great way to add responsibility, but it also showcases trust between you and your teen which is critical to developing a healthy relationship. This will also help them open up to you about their feelings or problems that they are having since they see that you trust them and vice versa.

Become Happier Yourself

Many times, the aggression and unhappiness expressed by our kids is due to the fact that we are unhappy ourselves and we end up transferring that negative energy to them. It all starts by treating yourself well, and by doing so your kids will in turn feel happier. Your kids most likely will want you thriving, not stressed and tired. You could takes steps such as signing up for workout classes, massage appointments and date nights with your significant other to better elevate stress. It's a two in one type of situation where not only are you helping yourself to better assist others around you, but you lead by example on how to healthily cope with stress.