Three Goals You Should Set for Yourself During Episodes of Boredom

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I know it’s easier said than done when we are in a state where pretty much everything is taken from us but this is why we should develop hobbies or a side hustle that doesn't involve what we are so blessed to have such as cars, shopping in stores, etc. We all know we need to exercise to keep our health and bodies intact as well as use our phone less but what if we took a deeper dive into what would actually help move you forward in life. Something perhaps that is interesting and can be done consistently without having a bad attitude towards it. Here are three components of what I believe can make any day better and more productive without the repetitive tips we've all heard to keep our selves sane.

Looking After Your Health

As a goal for self-improvement, looking after your health and fitness is another personal development achievement that has many benefits; especially when it comes to your productivity. While gaining better fitness improves your health and well-being in your personal life, feeling good about yourself will also help massively at work. It may be that you’re able to take on more tasks and thereby boost your earning potential or simply not being as exhausted after work and therefore having more quality time for yourself. If you aren't happy, it will rub on people in the worst way which is not fair to the people in your life. Continuous self-improvement is a noble goal that not only makes us feel better and have more confidence in ourselves, it often leads to better work productivity.

Increasing Your Knowledge About Things You’re Passionate About

While the activities we tend to partake to alleviate boredom are not productive such as watching TV or playing video games, you can pursue your passions that have the same effect but would also improve your life. For example, if you love music, you could incorporate it into your daily commute, exercise routine, or work by using headphones or sharing your favorite songs with friends. From learning to code or build websites, obtaining a supply chain management degree, to reading, writing, or gardening, you would be broadening your knowledge and enhancing your life, doing so without being bored.

Learning Relationship Building Skills

Although we are all currently in quarantine and socializing with others isn’t something that can easily be done, this situation provides a perfect opportunity for you to reinvent yourself in how you communicate with others. Relationships are a critical part of being human and it can apply to anything from romance to your career. There are many books and online resources you can utilize to help improve on these skills.