Kadama in the Community

Kadama helps you take care of the little and big things in your life. Whether you are a service provider or a service requester, Kadama helps you connect with people to get your project finished and goals met. Use your skills, or find your skills. There is a place for everyone on Kadama, and we welcome you to join this growing community.

College Students

Kadama gives the interns opportunities to tackle projects that push them outside of their comfort zone. Not only does this help them when they go back to school, it also results in incredible work that makes our customers happy.

To apply, email your resume to support@kadama.com


“Volunteering Fridays” is when the Kadama team goes out and participates in community bettering events. Whether it’s helping out at a shelter or cleaning up parks, the Kadama team takes pride in everything they do.

Organizations Served:
• City of Kirkland Parks and Recreation
• Friends of Youth
• Lake Washington High School

What Customers are Saying

"I love this app, I have made so much extra cash by walking dogs and tutoring!"

- Dakota (Service Provider)

"I love how I can do tasks on my own schedule . I’m my own boss!!"

- James (Service Provider)

"As both a service consumer and provider, this app has changed the way I go about my business."

- Jack (Service Provider & Service Requester)

"Whoever came up with this idea was a genius because it makes searching for help so much easier."

- Jashan (Service Requester)

"Kadama makes requesting so easy and the process is extremely streamlined."

- Nour (Service Requester)

"This app comes handy for everything."

- James (Service Requester)

"It's a great app, definitely worth a download."

- Sal (Service Requester)

"This app has helped a lot, with my oil changes, grocery shopping, and etc.. I highly recommend it for busy people like me."

- Yasin (Service Provider & Service Requester)

Company Pride

"We wanted to create something that we could wear, something we could share, something that represented our values and what our customers want—simplicity. Requesting a service on Kadama is as fast as swipe, tap, done. 30 seconds is all you need. We believe that by making our app fast and easy to use, it seamlessly integrates with your everyday life allowing you to focus on what matters the most."

- Amin Shaykho, CEO