DECA State President Joins Kadama

August 28, 2018

Another one of our interns, Samyak Sawale, was recently elected as the state president of Washington DECA. Outside of Kadama, Samyak is actively involved in many roles in his community as a leader, a teammate, and a friend. During the past few years, he has committed himself to multiple aspects of the business field like competing in DECA at an international level, and earning a place within the Global Top 10 for Sports and Entertainment Marketing Operations research. He is also the co-founder of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) at Skyline High School and plans on taking his work internationally by conducting research on the social, local, and mobile media marketing trends developed by consumers. Through DECA he developed skills like time management and dedication that he now uses on the community outreach team at Kadama. We are confident that Samyak will use these skills to push Kadama and the community forward.


Kadama at the Future Business Leaders of America Competition

August 20, 2018

Two of our interns, Nour Ayad and Yash Talwar became national champions of the Future Business Leaders of America Business Plan Competition. This extraordinary victory was a result of nine months of hard work and dedication. At Kadama, we take great pride in the accomplishments of our employees. Our vision has always revolved around the idea of unleashing one’s unique abilities, not just for our customers but employees as well. Both have implemented their skills within the company in a tremendous way. We are confident that they will make great strides in our world in the years to come.


We Are More Than Just an App...

August 15, 2018

Through time, great inventions have shaped the way we live. These inventions have allowed us to excel and un-tap the limits of what is possible. In today’s market, a large part of what is needed is problem identification. Kadama identifies the problem you have and sets you up with the people to fix it. With Kadama, the experience doesn’t begin when you open the app, it begins when you start your day. We are committed to providing you the most efficient and convenient way for completing your tasks—from the moment you need it until the job is done. In essence, Kadama is a tool. A tool that everyone can use to fulfil their needs. Whether you are a self-taught cook or a casual hobbyist, Kadama can turn your skill into work, and that same work into money. Kadama isn’t just an app, it’s a connector. A connector of places. A connector of jobs. A connector of people.


Company Newsletter

August 11, 2018

On June 11, 2018 Kadama was launched. 2 months later, Kadama has over 500 users, 100 ratings, and 10 new interns! Kadama is working with multiple colleges, has participated in numerous community events, and is actively engaging and providing opportunities for students. Kadama has obtained over 1000 followers and 20,000 views on social media! In just 2 months, so much has happened. This is only the start of the journey here at Kadama.